Friday, March 22, 2013

Eyah. For Friday night. Have a good weekend

You'll understand this if you've been in Maine for a while:

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner flew to Canada on a hunting trip. They chartered a small plane to take them into the Rockies for a week of hunting moose. They managed to bag six.

When they met at the plane to return, the pilot said he could take only 4 moose. The two officials objected strongly. "Last year we shot six. The pilot let us take them all and he had the same type of plane as yours."

Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded. The plane took off. However, while attempting to cross the mountains, the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down.

Somehow, surrounded by the moose bodies, Ben and Tim survived the crash. After climbing out of the wreckage, Ben asked Tim, "Any idea where we are?"
Tim replied, "I think we're pretty close to where we crashed last year."

Seven Deadly Sins

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.

Mahatma Gandhi

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