Monday, March 2, 2009

If you work hard enough

I remember a discussion about an entrepreneur and an employee. The owner of the business took the employee on a nice dive through the country and up into the mountains. It was a relaxing drive through stunning countryside. Only the weathiest could afford to live out here, the employee thought.

As the boss was showing the worker a sweeping vista with a valley and a lake, he was describing where the house would be built, where the gardens would be, etc. The vision was stiking and the land was breathtaking.

At the conclusion, the boss looked at the employee, and said, "If you work hard enough, all this will be mine."

This cartoon is from last weeks IBD. I had to laugh.

"You wanted change, You can't handle change." (Think of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, the video clip is below if you forgot).

The Dow is at 6,800. That's change I don't want to believe in.


  1. "If you work hard enough, all this will be mine."
    Boy - ain't that the truth!!

  2. I didn't order the "Code Red."

    I ordered the ginger ale.


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