Monday, January 5, 2009

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change


Ray LeBlond is a communications director. You can learn a lot from someone who specializes in communications. One of my favorite quotes from Mr. LeBlond is “You learn something every day if you pay attention.”

Have you noticed that the paradox of environmentalism is that saving the environment costs money. Most, who believe in saving the environment, do not necessarily believe in making lots of money, or capitalism in general.So you see smoky old Volvo's, with 'Save the Planet' stickers. Do you get the joke? Or are you offended?

"The car sticker is a badge of belonging," said Edmund King, executive director of the RAC Foundation, " It clearly distinguishes the tribe with which its owner identifies. Drivers who personalise their cars with stickers are giving away much more about their character than they think." What Tribe are you? See....Sticker Tribes (definitely British in origin)

Why Are You Staring At My Bumper!? You Pervert!

Find your favorite bumper sticker here...Bumper Sticker List or here

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