Thursday, April 13, 2017

Well, why are you talking to them? They’re nuts…

From an interview with Kim Iskyan, Publisher, Stansberry Churchouse Research

Me: The thing is, a lot of what you read in the media goes through a sort of prism. How do you learn how to sort through it?

Jim Rogers: I'm trying to teach my children – they're still very young – to get information from five or six different sources, preferably contrasting sources, left-wing, right-wing, call them what you will, from different countries and then you figure out what's really happening. If you read the Communists and the Fascists and the Nazis and the Capitalists or the religious, if you read them all, you get all sorts of different views but it'll help you figure out what really happened.

Sometimes, I get interviewed by different kinds of people. A few will say, "Well, why are you talking to them? They're nuts, they're crooks, they're blah, blah," whatever they have to be. And I try to say, "No, no, first of all, the one problem in the world right now is we don't talk to each other. We should be talking to everybody, no matter what you think of them. And second, that's how you get your message out. If you talk to them, they have to listen to you no matter how nuts they are. And also, you can help possibly change the world."
So talk to everybody, read everybody. The weirder the better.

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  1. Yes... get out of your bubble... it may not be comfortable, but it can be very enlightening.

    You can still choose to dismiss any new information you find... but that's a different issue. :)


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