Thursday, November 10, 2016


Celebrities who threatened to leave the country:

The Hill


American Mirror

If that motherf---er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.

Samuel L. Jackson

As a Canadian all I can say is Sorry #America but you can't run from your mistakes. You made your bed #Election2016 #Canada

— matt cruz (@Groovycruz) November 9, 2016

Only one problem with all these crazy liberals and celebrities wanting to move to Canada now…we don't want you #suckstosuck

— Patrick Stuart (@patstuart08) November 9, 2016

@DoxyCarmichael_ @JammerKill @lenadunham @MileyCyrus @WhoopiGoldberg @Rosie @amandacarpenter @benshapiro
Canadians don't want them!

— NorthrenCanuck (@NorthrenCanuck) May 16, 2016

#ElectionNight We canadians Need to build a wall FAST…. Lena Dunham is already packing!!!!!!!!

— Captain Ahab (@delibean21) November 9, 2016


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