Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wind turbines do not reduce pollution or the carbon footprint.

Interesting article by an environmentalist – who is also an engineer.  A 75 MW wind farm with an actual output of 10.1 MW.  With a 30% tax credit.  How does that make sense?

Apex Clean Energy plans to build an industrial wind facility, the Rocky Forge Wind Farm, on North Mountain in Botetourt County. The plan is to construct 25, 550-foot-tall wind turbines.

Each turbine is rated to produce 3 megawatts (MW) of power when spinning at optimum speed. The total facility is rated at 75 MW.

When I heard of this project, I found it curious because I did not realize that sufficient wind to produce energy is available in central Virginia.

Throughout the year in this area, winds are typically light and intermittent. As an engineer, I have worked with power companies and attended some of their conferences.

Does Wind  Payoff Justify the Cost

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