Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS is on the run?

The horror in Paris begs these questions: Since 2009, have the vital interests of the United States been advanced in the world or has the United States been in retreat? Have President Obama, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and current Secretary of State, John Kerry, enhanced America's security, or not. You decide…


Ferguson says the U.S. has been constrained by four deficits: "... a fiscal deficit (in the sense that spiraling welfare entitlements and debt must inevitably squeeze the resources available for national security), a manpower deficit (in the sense that not many Americans want to spend very long sorting out hot, poor countries), and, above all, an attention deficit (in the sense that any major foreign intervention is likely to lose popularity within a four-year election cycle)..."

The forth deficit cited by Ferguson is the "...history deficit: the fact that the key decision makers know almost nothing, not just [about] other countries' pasts, but also [about] their own. Worse, they often do not see what is wrong with their ignorance. Worst of all, they know just enough history to have confidence but not enough to have understanding..."

William Hamilton

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