Saturday, July 18, 2015


Federal prohibition against a state requiring labeling of GMO food?  What is going on?

Section 203

(b) Prohibitions against mandatory labeling of food developed using genetic engineering.—No State or political subdivision of a State may directly or indirectly establish under any authority or continue in effect as to any covered product (as defined in section 291 of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as added by section 201 of this Act) in interstate commerce, any requirement for the labeling of a covered product indicating the product as having been produced from, containing, or consisting of a genetically engineered plant, including any requirements for claims that a covered product is or contains an ingredient that was produced from, contains, or consists of a genetically engineered plant unless the State (or a political subdivision thereof) establishes either of the following programs for the regulation of such claims:

(1) A program that relates to voluntary claims to which paragraph (1) of section 204(a) of this Act applies.

(2) A program that—

(A) is voluntary;

(B) is accredited by the Secretary pursuant to section 291E of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (as added by section 201 of this Act); and

(C) establishes standards that are identical to the standards established under section 291B or 291C of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as applicable (as added by section 201 of this Act).

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Genetically modified (GM) foods may look and feel the same as conventional foods, but they are drastically (and possibly harmfully) different. These types of foods have been altered by taking the genetic material (DNA) from one species and transferring it into another in order to obtain a desired trait. The FDA does not require any safety testing or any labeling of GM foods, and introducing new genes into a fruit or vegetable may very well be creating unknown results such as new toxins, new bacteria, new allergens, and new diseases.

M.D. David Brownstein

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  1. Hmmm...
    Just as more SCIENTIFIC studies are coming out concerning the vast differences in GMO versus heritage soy bean crops.
    Me thinks they doth protest too much.

    The law of unintended consequences at work.
    Don't mess with Mother Nature!


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