Monday, March 16, 2015

40 million in the desert

Residents of a Southern California neighborhood are concerned about the fact that the water flowing out of the taps in their homes is the color black. That’s right; the water coming out of their faucets is indeed black — not gray, not cloudy — but black. Inky, opaque black water that the water company says is okay to drink.

Natural News

California has experienced a drought.  Of course 1000 years ago it was a desert.  Since declaring an emergency, water use has dropped 9%…9%?  Oh well, it won’t affect me. I’ve been struggling with cold and snow.

Think the drought in California isn’t a problem for you?  Guess where our fruits and vegetables come from.

-99 percent of the artichokes

-44 percent of asparagus

-two-thirds of carrots

-half of bell peppers

-89 percent of cauliflower

-94 percent of broccoli

-95 percent of celery

-90 percent of the leaf lettuce

-83 percent of Romaine lettuce

-83 percent of fresh spinach

-a third of the fresh tomatoes

-86 percent of lemons

-90 percent of avocados

-84 percent of peaches

-88 percent of fresh strawberries

-97 percent of fresh plums

California is turning into a desert

Sadly, it's much easier to create a desert than a forest.

James Lovelock

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