Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diary of wimpy politicians

Shutting down sledding hills is inspired by the same sort of simpering caution that keeps Americans shoeless in airport security lines and, closer to home, keeps parents from letting their kids walk a few blocks to school alone, despite the fact that America today is as safe as the longed-for “Leave It to Beaver” golden age.

As an American I find this sort of flinching risk-aversion profoundly embarrassing. We might like to locate the blame for things like sledding bans somewhere out there in the unruly tort system, but we must face the possibility that the blame also lies within. Perhaps it's better to be safe than sorry, but one wonders whether we won't become sorry to have made such a fetish of staying safe

The Economist: Home of the Unbrave

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  1. Sledding bans????

    This is as bad as the ban on beach balls on the Texas beaches... wouldn't want someone to poke an eye out with a beach ball!!

    Home of the "Free"?


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