Sunday, November 9, 2014



Electricity is really just organized lightning.

George Carlin


For those who aren’t in to power, the NE market for energy is generally $20/MW to $30/MW (2 cents/kW to 3 cents/kW).  Market pricing at $8/MW (0.8/kW)?  Wow.

Note that the residential rate is 18 cents per kW.  Before deregulation, energy and transmissions were about equal.  After deregulation, energy dropped but Transmission & Distribution (T&D) increased to about 8 cents to 12 cents per kW and power dropped.  Out local rates stayed about the same initially but are now increasing at ~2 cents/kW per year..

Why is electricity so expensive these days? Why does it cost so much for something I can make with a balloon and my hair

Dennis Miller

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