Thursday, October 2, 2014


There is nothing so patient, in this world or any other, as a virus searching for a host.
Mira Grant

I have heard the stories on the news about transmittal of Ebola Virus Disease. 

EVD is a plague in West Africa.  And despite Government claims that it is improbable that it will make it to the US, there is one confirmed case in Dallas, at least 15 people have been potentially exposed, and another expected case in Hawaii.

Despite reassurance from the CDC and the media reporting that direct contact with body fluids is required for transmittal, I still have an unease about this.  The one case in Dallas can quickly spread.  The 4 family members, and 15 children have interacted with at least 80 others. 

And, contact is defined by being within three feet of an infected individual.

Is this the start of 28 Days Later? or, Outbreak?

This is not an African disease. This is a virus that is a threat to all humanity

Gayle Smith, senior director at the National Security Council

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  1. Don't panic.
    This is not a new virus.
    Viruses are everywhere.
    Our immune systems deal with them successfully all the time.

    Yes, this is a bad virus. Be glad we still have some scientists who make it their life's work to find cures for these things.

    Maybe we should funnel some tax money into education, so we still have scientists in the future to keep working on fighting the mutations that will occur.


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