Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does

The non-story, story of the day is that the Government is closed.  Closed? 83% of Government is working, and collecting overtime.  Except for high visibility National Parks, where a limited ‘essential’ staff are passing out $100.00 tickets to trespassers.  This is a direct order from the Spitehouse (OMB).  Make it as painful as possible.

I think that one day soon, Americans will wake up and realize that the Government only governs with the consent of the people.  They work for us.  We do not work for them.  End the madness.

After this National Park debacle, there should be a concerted movement for the states to take them back.


Obama won't fence the southern border, but he'll #barrycade national parks and monuments. #SpiteHouse

The southern boarder of the US is still wide open and more porous following the Government shutdown.  Maybe we should designate the southern border as a National Park.  That way we could finally secure it…

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