Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day

It takes true courage to be a dove, but no honor accrues to being an ostrich

Sarah Ferguson

A man has claimed that killing his pregnant teenage sister was an honor crime (murdering a woman that shamed her family).

Later, LBCI television reported that the investigation revealed that he had raped his sister, which lead to her pregnancy.

“He confessed to raping his sister,” LBCI said, apparently Jihad was drunk when the incident happened.

He had recently found out that she was pregnant and asked her to have an abortion - refused.

 Jihad Rapes His Sister, Impregnates Her and Honor Kills Her

Note from last summer: A recent study done by the Gaza-based Palestinian Women’s Information and Media Center found that 67 percent of Palestinian women reported being subjected to verbal violence on a regular basis, 71 percent to psychological violence, 52 percent to physical violence and 14 percent to sexual violence.

Can’t wait for Sharia Law to come to Amerika

Lay aside the thirst for honor from others and seek to honor others instead

The Omani shed

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