Monday, January 31, 2011

The urge to bite old women

Politics, as I never tire of saying, is for social and emotional misfits, handicapped folk, those with a grudge.

Auberon Waugh

You may be familiar with Evelyn Waugh, Auberon’s father.  Auberon was a writer and journalist. 

Today’s news had stories of the end of the Middle East, Oil in trouble with the security of the Suez Canal in jeopardy (Gas at >$5.00/gal is the next step in the march to the next depression).  The legacy of Obama – as the President who lost Egypt.  The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.  I’m ready to go back to bed.

Note:  If you click on the picture above, the link is not what it seems.  Really!  See more HERE.  Remember, everything is not what it seems.  You may have seen something about them over the last month or so.

In light of the fiasco that is Egypt, I thought that some insight from Auberon would be beneficial.  Some of his sharpest quotes on politics are presented for Monday. 

The old women quote is now picked up by the Tea Party. How unfortunate…

The purpose of politics is to help them overcome these feelings of inferiority and compensate for their personal inadequacies in the pursuit of power.

Auberon Waugh

There are countless horrible things happening all over the country, and horrible people prospering, but we must never allow them to disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to sabotage and annoy them whenever possible.
Auberon Waugh

The urge to pass new laws must be seen as an illness, not much different from the urge to bite old women. Anyone suspected of suffering from it should either be treated with the appropriate pills or, if it is too late for that, elected to Parliament [or Congress, as the case may be] and paid a huge salary with endless holidays, to do nothing whatever.

Auberon Waugh

It is my settled opinion, after some years as a political correspondent, that no one is attracted to a political career in the first place unless he is socially or emotionally crippled.

Auberon Waugh

Have a Great Week!  Remember Snow for Wednesday!  I can’t wait…


  1. I'm staying silent on Egypt's fate - weather overturning Mubarak will be "losing it" is unknown at this point.

    I found this curious though:

  2. Did anyone follow the link? Did you recognize the group?

  3. Which link?
    The two I tried took me to GlenBeckToday's front page and Raidz 'about' page...
    Don't recognize Raidz... but I think that's by design.


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