Friday, January 16, 2009

You Bar

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The following is an exerpt from David Mendosa's website. The product is really cool.

Customized Nutrition Bars

Each of us have different strategies for meeting our needs. Some of us choose to eat low-carb, some low-glycemic, some low-calorie, some organic.

What hasn't been clear until now is how we can meet those needs when we buy prepared food. Nowhere is this a bigger challenge than that mainstay of both between-meal snacks and trail food known as nutrition bars. Sometimes known as energy bars, almost all of the nutrition bars that we can buy in stores are simply candy bars by a more marketable name. Most are loaded with the worst kind of sweetener, high-fructose corn syrup.

Several years ago I got fed up with all the unhealthy choices. Years ago when I followed a low-glycemic diet, I was happy enough with Solo Bars. While I still eat low glycemic, those bars no longer meet my current low-carb needs. So, imagine my surprise when the clear answer to this conundrum appeared on my computer monitor in an email message from Anthony Flynn, the founder and president of You Bar. The solution is something made possible by the Internet -- customization.

"You Bar allows you to design your own nutrition bars so you can have exactly what you want and need," Anthony wrote me. "As you design the bar, the website constantly updates the nutrition facts so it is easy to design a bar that fits certain nutritional needs as well as fit your personal tastes."

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