Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There are three rules for writing a novel.

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

William Somerset Maugham

Twitter Novel - 140 Novel

Roddy had a headache. He'd been getting them for weeks now--each worse than the last. But he thought this one might rip his head off. He tried to sit down,but missed the couch. He barely felt his tailbone bounce off the floor. His head was killing him. Sadly, none of this mattered to the 38 people who were watching his live feed on the Internet. What made the situation even worse was, not 30 minutes before, Roddy took a monster swig from an anonymous "elixer". Could it be? No, Roddy felt certain this headache was something different. It was accompanied by a monstrous roar inside his head, like ... chatter. He heard a voice ask him for help. But he couldn't tell if it was inside his head or out. He probed the implant in his molar with his tongue gingerly. It had a gunmetal tang and felt slightly warm. This was all Sandor's fault. Ever since he'd had the camera attached to his head and the transmitter in his tooth nothing had gone right. Roddy began to tire of the constant headache and that booming voice echoing through his skull. "It's time to make a change."

See the rest here: It's only a page, and BTW, It's awful.

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