Monday, January 12, 2009

Lobster Redux

I had to follow up with more lobster. This is from Trevor Corson's the Secret Life of Lobsters Blog,

The Pol Pot of Lobsterdom

Michael Ruhlman, a food writer I admire, launched an eloquent volley questioning the extremes of animal-rights activism on the food blog Megnut. He writes:

What is going on here? Lobsters are insects! . . . The real victims are the
agribusiness chickens, cows and hogs, but the animal rights activists can't
touch the culprits responsible, true goliaths. So instead The People try to save
the little animals.
Ruhlman called on celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain to use his influence to combat these absurdities.

The author of KitchenConfidential has a fewwords for Whole Foods.Ruhlman's rant generated a lot of discussion. Bourdain himself even weighed in. Bourdain wrote:

The fucktards at Whole Foods . . . have done us a real service by providing the
most ludicrous example of "animal welfare" concerns with their public hand
wringing over the fate of shellfish. Comedy Gold. . . . Extraordinary that in a
time when hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE are starving to death in the Sudan and
elsewhere, that there is no more burning issue on the minds of educated,
well-fed, financially comfortable citizens than whether or not a clam [or
lobster] feels pain. PETA . . . will of course do nothing that impacts America's
bottomless hunger for fried, battery raised chickens -- and will continue to
concentrate on "winnable" battles . . . . . . like lobster.
Remember that this is an animal equivalent to a mosquito. Maybe I need to change the robotic fish to the robotic lobster shown above.
The world really will never starve from want of wonders

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