Thursday, January 15, 2009

I looooooove KFC

In the lobster post of January 12 (Lobster Redux), I included a quote from Chef Anthony Bourdain, "PETA . . . will of course do nothing that impacts America'sbottomless hunger for fried, battery raised chickens -- and will continue toconcentrate on "winnable" battles . . . . . . like lobster" I had to follow up on my friends at PETA. After some limited research:

PETA protest targets KFC's practices

Bikini clad 'chicks' say chicken chain inhumane

By Eric Russell

BANGOR, Maine — As socio-political demonstrations go, this one was just plain cold.
Two members of PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, braved below freezing temperatures and snow showers to protest Wednesday outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Broadway. Aside from winter gloves, hats and boots, though, Ashley Byrne, 30, and Krissy Addington, 26, wore only skimpy yellow bikinis.

“We’re two chicks sticking up for other chicks,” Byrne explained.

In Austrailia PETA protested KFC in a semi nude protest (picture above). The women were arrested:

"I'm shocked. We have protested many times in Sydney, and at this KFC before. 'We had 24 people naked in Pitt Street just six weeks ago ... we've never had problems.' The women have not been charged yet and are being questioned at a police station, the police spokesman said."

Is it really about the chickens? The story is here:

An insightful blogger posted: "Whatever they're doing keep it up. I looooooove KFC... I'm also pretty fond of 20 year old babes nuding up so it's win/win."

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  1. "I Love KFC"

    to be sung to the tune of "I Love Rock and Roll"

    Suggested start to lyrics:

    I love rock and roll,
    Put another bird in the fryer, baby!

    (I'll leave it to others to "flesh out" the lyrics. (Sorry, PETA)


    PS: I'm going to join the other PETA (People Eating Tasy Animals)


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