Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Selling Cars of 2008

Remember hearing “People now want hybrids and small cars instead of big trucks because of gas prices and the environment” Have you heard that “The ‘Big 3′ can’t compete anymore “

The top selling vehicle in the US must be from Japan...I suspect that the Prius, Civic Hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid would be at the Top of the list. Maybe the Corolla or the Honda Civic. Nope!

No. 1 – Ford F-150
No. 2 – Chevy Silverado

The Prius didn’t make the top 10, with tax incentives and unbelievable mileage, What! Even the Dodge Ram made the top 10.

See the list from Forbes:
Forbes Top 10 Cars of 2008

What do you think Al Gore’s response will be?
Planet Gore

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