Monday, December 15, 2008

Interview with Scott Adams

"You're fired!" "Gaaa!!!"

"Not really. But now this 2% raise won't seem so bad...

This job is all about managing expectations."

- The Boss springs a random act of management on an unsuspecting employee

Q. I know you don't like to give advice, but do you have any general thoughts on how to cope with hard times?

A. The best plan now is to have as many bosses as possible. I call it boss diversity. If you work for a company and you have one boss and that boss doesn't like you or wants to get rid of you, you're in trouble. But if you work for yourself, you have lots of bosses, who are your customers, and if a few of them decide they don't like you, that's okay. You can get new ones. Boss diversity is the one kind companies don't talk to you about, but it can save your career.

Dilbert on CNN

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